Reducing your use of hot water is a great way to save on your energy bills, regardless of whatwater heater you have.


Showering uses the most hot water in a household. Installing a water efficient (AAA rated) showerhead can reduce this use by more than half (22L per min down to 9L per min).


Buy washing machines and dishwashers that have a cold or warm water cycle option and use this cycle as much as possible.


Immediately repair dripping hot water taps and leaking appliances, including the relief valve from your water heater.


Ensure that the temperature gauge on storage hot water systems is set at 60°C. A higher temperature than this means that energy is used unnecessarily and a lower temperature than this may allow harmful bacteria to thrive. Instantaneous hot water systems should be set to no more than 50°C.


Turn off your water heater when you go on holidays.


Maintain your system and have it serviced according to manufacturer’s instructions.